Do you believe that human interactions are futile? Is food more important to you than people? In all fairness, food doesn’t hammer you with expectations and treat you indifferent when you slip up. Food is everything that is right with the world. Food is man’s best friend. Relationships are hard to stand by and any given Pizza Day is better than a long Skype call with bae. 

NOW. Find your best match with a Tinder-like app based solely on food, Tender-Food and Recipes. It matches you up with your preferred recipes and not people. How cool is that? Much like the left-right swiping on Tinder, Tender replaces the potential dates with potential dinner recipes. Plus your fingers won’t be tired from swiping away rejects!

Tender serves up the most beautiful dishes from kitchens from around the world for a mouthwatering viewing and cooking pleasure. Food, in this day and age, is much more than just calories, it is art. Wouldn’t you agree with that?

The Tender app is downloadable free of cost on both the Apple and Android platforms and lets you save your favorite recipes in your “cookbook”. You won’t be losing any recipes even if you swipe left accidentally, there is an undo option, and so you can breathe easy. It really doesn’t let you miss out on any of your first choice recipes.

Maybe, Tender can be Gordon Ramsay’s new Twitter Review Source!

Instead of having to deal with creeps and weirdos on Tinder, join the Tender gang and get in touch with your love of food and plan an evening with a perfect dinner instead.