Don’t let that one apple spoil the whole basket” – This might go very well for the basket of services a good restaurant works on and spoils the deal by missing out on small details. Details that count. Winter just got over here in Kathmandu and I took some time to enjoy the last sips of hot tea and any mist that’s left. Black tea is always my go to drink in Kathmandu’s winter. With all the affinity my taste buds have for tea, attention to what’s being served becomes significantly important. And any attention I have paid so far has left an unpleasant brew in my buds. There are exceptions however and some really creative exceptions too.

There is no better way to plunge your customer’s fine dine experience (read Jhamel league of restaurants) into a meager one – Serve them a crass cheap CTC tea bag in your black tea. Making perfect economic sense, charge them up to your fine dine standards. The only other sense that missed out in the equation is how much have you hurt your standards in the meanwhile. Let us go a step lower ( read general eateries ) where your standard black tea is charged some Rs.50. It can still make perfect economic sense to serve quality black tea. This is where the tea bag equation comes in place.
Let us tag a cup of black tea in a Jhamel, Thamel or BabarMahal  restaurant for an average of Rs.90

According to a random sampling research of 10 such restaurants the most popular brands of tea bags I have been served are listed down to ‘Muna’, ‘Tokla’ and ‘Teen Paatey’. They are your run of the mill general household oriented  ‘Cut-Torn-Curled’ – CTC tea. They are cheaply priced and in terms of technical tea standards – Not great teas.
On the other note, there is a whole world of great orthodox Nepali tea. I am going to talk about them and all optimism that is left on tea.


ctc price 2

There are some better alternatives which are readily available in the market today which are expensive on the cost side while still making economic sense. These are better tasting teas and with better standards. These will keep a good hold on your reputation.

Some of these commonly available brands in our markets are Dilmah and Twinnings.

better alter

Making a switch to such teas will definitely mark your restaurants for paying attention to details or just plainly trying to serve better things to your customers. All these without hurting your bucks much. There is a difference in cost. But it is totally worth the dime.

Also, at the similar average prices. Dilmah and Twinnings offer an exceptional range of flavored tea selections. Dilmah is the undisputed king of the market with plethora of choices. Dilmah has long been established in our markets which makes it easier for us to find a good palette of selection. Twinnings is coming up late but with a satisfying range of choices. It calls for a switch even for a change’s sake.

dilmah tea range


twinnigs range

But Honestly, no one is cotton picking here for a tea here.  In all my dismal assertion, we have become more of a coffee loving nation. Tea  is too common a drink to be paid any epicurean attention to.  For me However, no coffee argument can win over the fact that there is so much more to delve into tea. Even if these arguments don’t work for you,serving good quality tea and showing concern for your customers in your restaurants will go a long way. Afterall,

“A cup of tea is more than just a cup of tea”