The Yomari is an iconic delicacy savored by the Newar community, primarily during the festival of Yomari Punhi which is celebrated during the full moon in December. A rice dumpling at its core, the Yomari is generally filled with Chaku or Khuwa and steamed to perfection.


Depending on household and culture, the yomari sees a few variations here and there, with different preparation styles and fillings. However, the team at The Village Cafe, Pulchowk, take yomari making and fillings to a whole new level. With almost 5 different fillings including the traditional ones like Khuwa or Chaku along with maas, mushroom, and chocolate, the women at the cafe churned out over 8000 yomaris in little over 9 hours during their event on Yomari Punhi.


The cafe’s yomaris are well known all over Kathmandu and there is a reason that is so. With organic ingredients and loving hands, the women set to work early in the morning making the yomaris from scratch. And the visitors didn’t seem to stop. With massive orders for workplaces and family gatherings along with walk-in customers, the staff at The Village Cafe barely had time to catch a breath during the day.


Hope you enjoyed your Yomari! If not, you know where to go.