The food market in the valley has now welcomed an innovative Cycle Restro, which makes a unique blend of eatery and cycling. The restro, a first of its kind in Nepal, utilizes cycle parts for furniture as well. The idea behind the restro is to bring together a satisfying selection of food along with live music during the weekends as well as a cycle hiring service. Within the heart of the city, this restro is bound to attract youths with its peaceful yet interesting ambience and a selection of food items ranging from the simple “Chau-Chau Sandheko” to a variety of classy treats.

The Cycle Restro adds an innovative approach into the Nepalese food market and is certain to add an interesting spin on the competition of the food market in the city. The restro also enables cycling enthusiasts to purchase bikes as well as hire them and have cycles on display as well. This unique spin on the traditional visions of eateries creates an interesting attraction from the get-go and the young staff of the restro add to the enthusiasm and belief in the success of their project.

The cycle themed decoration and the peaceful ambience adds to a greater experience. This innovative idea of a youth driven eatery is a step towards the growth of the food market in Kathmandu and might most certainly be a reference to innovative openings in the future. Be sure to hang out at the Cycle Restro and treat yourself and your friends to a good time.

Where: Kamalachhi, Jamal, Kathmandu.
Contact: 984-9636131