बोताBota to open its new branch

“Momo” is something we Nepalese can die for. It might as well be considered as our national staple that is how much we Nepalese love momos.

Among numerous momos joints, बोताBota has managed to attract momo lovers through its drooling and unique flavors.

With its varied menu and pleasant ambience, बोताBota has become an ideal destination for the momo lovers in the town. You can take your pick from sadheko momo, open momo, khuwa momo and ten different sauces that adds extra flavor to your eating experience there. Besides momos, the restaurant also serves sausages and aloo ko achar. Offering authentic momolicious experience to more people, the restaurant is opening its new branch at Kamal Pokhari. It will be open from 23rd September, Friday.