Beer-brewing is an art. From brewing and marketing, to tasting and serving, it takes a lot of effort to make a beer. And if there is an art in making beer, no doubt there is an art to drinking it. Perhaps, you were drinking your beer the wrong way, this whole time. “How can someone be drinking beer the wrong way?” you might think.

Well here’s how you might have been drinking it not the right way:

  1. Beer is not meant to be chugged! It’s supposed to be sipped slowly

It’s all in the malt! While some beers in the market are light malted and are meant to be drunk quick and cold, darker malt is high maintenance! It’s best to let it sit for some time and to wait for its temperature to rise. All it takes is patience to let the aroma and the taste to suit you at best. You’re bound to taste perfection in the last sip you saved.

  1. You’re supposed to chew it!

 It’s all science-y! The left and right parts of the tongue releases the sweet and bitter taste. The front has the salt receptors. Science-y right? Keep the beer in your mouth for some time and let it move around. Damn that’s gonna be some kickass flavor!

  1. Beer is a big No without food!
    Beer has LESS calories than wine and the carbonation actually cleanses your palate. Don’t let your Beer be lonely!


  1. Food. Beer. Food.
    This should be your mantra. Just a point above, we said that beer cleanses your palate, so take a bite, wash it down and one more bite. Fresh every time!

  1. The Foam Matters!
    Your beer is fresh till it has a foam atop. The foam apparently prevents the bubbles from escaping which keeps it fresh.

  1. Light Beer for Light Food!
    Don’t pair of a strong chilled Malt-Beer with something light, let’s say a plate of fries. Compliment your beer with the food that goes with it. Break out the tandoori!