For many, if not all, rainy days are wonderful. There is nothing better than the mild breeze on a rainy day, it’s enough to make you want to lay back and snuggle in your bed. Rainy days call for some lazing around tasks and a chance to recognize your guilty pleasures. Some like to paint, some like to dance in the rain and some even relish in puddle hopping. For us at Kathmandu Foodies food has always been our guilty pleasure be it when it’s raining or storming outside. Spread the love for the monsoon, with these guilty pleasures on a rainy day.

1. Tea!

There is no way that a rainy day doesn’t compliment a good cup of tea. To be honest, any day compliments tea! There is something soothing about a nice, warm cup of tea accompanied by a book with some good music. This goes without saying to any bookworms or tea-lovers but remember, the milk goes in last!

2. Coffee:

Okay! This was more than obvious. Apparently not everyone prefers tea, making coffee the other warm drink to go for. Frankly, there is something oddly satisfying about a nice brew and the sight of the drizzle. The clattering of the rain against the wind and the rooftops is something magnificent. A hint of caffeine and it is paradise. There is no shame then in lazing around now, is there?

3. Spicy Noodles:

Chilly breeze and Spicy Noodles. Noodles can be the guilty pleasure food, especially because we recognize it to be a junk food. But there’s nothing quite like a spicy kick to a rainy day. Tune in to your favorite movie or anime and lay back with your bowl of noodles.

4. Ice Cream:

Not many do this, but many must have tried this. Ice cream and rain, quite a rebellious partnership, we must say. What does ice cream compliment? If you’re a romantic, wrap in a blanket, tune in some romantic flicks and enjoy the ice cream. The breeze will only make it better. Not too much though, don’t want that cold, do ya?

5. Cake:

Rain, rain, go away! But not if there’s cake! Chocolate cake, rainy day and a warm room, there isn’t much to be said.

6. Nutella Sandwiches:

Or just Nutella, no one will know! There are very few who don’t like Nutella (me included), but for the others that LOVE it, Nutella Sandwiches or Nutella on crackers would be a perfect snack for any rainy day. Is there any such thing as too much Nutella?

7. Samosas and pakaudas: 


8. Anything chicken!

Break the rules. It doesn’t have to be light. No one ever said it should be. Chicken-Family-Movie-Chicken! Should I say more?

What are your guilty pleasure foods for rainy/cold days? Let us know! Happy Monsoon and Happy Eating!

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