Imagine going on a day out with friends and having a fun day by popping open a chilled beer. A nice day with friends, chilling over beer. But then a beer needs a companion too however, you can’t decide on what to get.

Let us help you out with that. Here are 7 foods that go great with beer:

1) Peanuts Sadheko

This shouldn’t even come as a surprise. Peanuts Sadheko or for sophistication, “Peanuts Salsa”, is common for any gathering. And it goes surprisingly well with a nice pint of beer. Go for a light beer for this light snack. The beer doesn’t need to overpower the snack but instead let both of them complement each other.

2) Bhatmas Sadheko

Maybe mentioning this is cheating but damn this tastes good. Much like the peanuts, Bhatmas Sadheko is pretty common as a complementary side to a nice chilled pint. Keep it light before you break out the big guns—the big dishes.

3) Piro Aaloo

Honestly, we couldn’t be more obvious and you couldn’t have guessed more accurately. Spices go really well with the aroma of beer. The household food in Nepal, Piro Aaloo can be enjoyed in solitude or in a group. Let the aroma of the beer open up to the warmth of the spices.

4) Sekuwa

How can we not include the juicy delights of Sekuwa? Meat and Beer. Beer and Meat. It’s like Karan-Arjun! Spicy or mild, a moderately strong beer would go well with a generous helping of Sekuwa. Cool day, beer and sekuwa! Can you imagine it any better?

5) Duck Choila

We’ve talked a lot about spice. Let’s add a quick blend of spice, love and heaven with a serving of Duck Choila and Beer! Since its such a delightful dish for any occasion whatsoever, you can enjoy any beer with it. Preferably, a light malt beer, or rather a Belgian beer would serve as a humble companion to the heavenly taste of a proper Duck Choila. The beer will complement your taste buds when it mixes with the spices and the juices of the meat!

6) Fries and Fried Food

Fried food have that salty kick to them and I dare you to say no to Fries! Fries, in general, are light in flavor profile, so opt for a brew that will help cleanse your palate. Ask for a beer to cleanse your palate without washing away the salty goodness, cutting through and bringing out the taste of the food. A light lager or a rather malty beer would do wonders. Your choice of beer should go well with the food.

7) Let’s talk dessert, shall we?

People don’t normally associate beer and dessert together but there is a whole new world waiting for you when you try fruitier beers with a wide range of ice creams or puddings. It seems Belgian beers take a majority of votes when it comes to pairing with desserts. However, while trying desserts like gulab jamun or rasbari, or jeri-swari, you can opt for a beer that will cut through any excessive sweetness but bring out the best in the food.

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