Cakes, Art and High Tea was flowing with style. Using cakes and cookies as canvas, local and international artists had delicately created colorful and edible pieces of art. Yes, art that you can eat. It also featured over 10 (normal) paintings from renowned artists from all over Nepal, which sadly, were not edible. Though it was a collaboration between Hotel Annapurna, My City Pulse and The Kathmandu Triennale 2017,and expectations were high, the event started pretty late and wasn’t as crowded as one might expect.


While most of the art work on the cakes and cookies was done by students of Otaku Comics, some of pieces were decorated and drawn by the artists in collaboration with Shalini Rana, founder of My City pulse and Chef Situ Ratna Sthapit of Annapurna Hotel. Although, we didn’t get the chance to talk to all of the artists that contributed in this event, we were able to catch a few minutes with Mithila artist S.C Suman. He was a total delight to talk to as he explained that he had decorated the cookies with inspiration from his childhood. Though it was his first time drawing on cookies with edible ink markers, he explained that Mithila culinary culture included a lot of food decoration and that the idea was nothing new to him.


Cakes+ Art

The High Tea had a small but mouth watering menu. It had an assortment of sandwiches, margerettis and spinach quiche. We savored all of them but settled on the opinion that the margeretti was our favorite.

 A mix of flavors

The baked sweets, all provided by Hotel Annapurna, were glistening under the light of the Pavilion. Covered in shades of chocolate, caramel, blueberry, and fondant, the cheesecakes, eclairs, cup cakes and mini doughnuts were delightfully soft, flavorful, and went wonderfully well with the tea. We did manage to get a bite out of Mr. Suman’s Mithila art cookies and it tasted as colorful as the art on it.

The cheesecakes were especially good.











I could see my reflection on these.                                                                                                                               Sticky-icky caramel 

 However, with few visitors and little entertainment, the few hours we spent at the event were pretty quiet. We left with our sweet tooth satisfied but a little saddened that so few people had seen such wonderful art on such delicious baking.